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Spanish 1

is an introductory course to the Spanish language and culture. No previous exposure to Spanish is required. Students are exposed to basic vocabulary, language structures and culture using thematic units and activities that focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Spanish 2

This course is designed to review and refine the previously learned vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills. Cultural differences and similarities will also be discussed. More emphasis will be placed on student to student generated dialogues. The goal is that you will gain more confidence so as to be able to use Spanish in basic conversations, as well as to understand it in everyday situations.

Spanish 3

This course builds upon knowledge gained in Spanish 1 & 2. The course is a continuation and recycling of knowledge acquired in Spanish 1 and Spanish 2, as well as an introduction to new vocabulary, structures and expressions. Students will be expected to expand their vocabulary range to include more sophisticated terms, use advanced language expressions, verb tenses and grammatical concepts such as the pluperfect and the subjunctive mood.