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Student Advisor/Assistant Administrator

The Christian School Student Advisor/Assistant Administrator shall prayerfully work with the Head Administrator and Faculty to provide academic counsel to students in setting a path for the future. This person should engage with students to develop a mentor relationship that allows for their development and Christian walk, guided by the vision and mission of Veritas Christian Academy. As an assistant administrator, the role shall include overseeing student spiritual development and learning, keeping all electronic records in the Veritas Learning Management System, as well as providing student transcripts, standardized testing opportunities, service opportunities, attending the annual Leadership Conference and Senior Missions and Trip opportunities. The assistant administrator will also complete office responsibilities as deemed necessary by the head administrator. 

Overview: The Christian School Student Advisor shall be a born-again college graduate, certified in their field by the State and/or ACSI or certifiable, who feels called of God to the profession. Other qualifications may be added as deemed appropriate.

Contracted by: School Board upon recommendation of the Administrator. Responsible to: Head Administrator.

Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated by the head administrator in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy on evaluation of professional personnel and this job description. Details are found in the Faculty Handbook. 

Type of Position: Full-time/salaried 


  • Student Learning 
    • Oversees learning issue cases as they pertain to academic success of the student.
    • Works with the SEL Counselor for students with IEP, ISP, 504, Health Service Plans and other documented learning, health, behavioral and emotional issues that impact conduct and classroom learning.
    • Meet with parents, teachers and administrators regarding student learning cases. 
    • Assigns student cases to members of a Student Learning Team, comprised of faculty and instructional aides who facilitate student learning goals and objectives through collaboration and engagement with learners.
  • Student Life 
    • Contributes and collaborates with Administrator regarding student-related policies 
    • Recommend to the Administrator, policy to implement in order to govern such areas 
      of student life as general behavior, academic integrity, student bullying/harassment, 
      school uniform, drug and alcohol policy, etc. 
  • Spiritual Life 
    • Work alongside the Administrator and SEL Counselor in student crisis situations 
      Counsels students on informal and, at times, formal basis keeping accurate records, maintaining appropriate confidentiality, and partnering with parents
  • Education and Experience
    • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Education and/or Counseling. 
    • 1 - 3 years experience in a school setting.

Formal application and references are required. Salary commensurate with experience.

Applications and resumes should be submitted to Donna Bentson at or mailed to the main office at Veritas Christian Academy 385 Houses Corner Road, Sparta, NJ 07871

Full-Time and Part-Time Teachers

Veritas Christian Academy is hiring for the 2023-24 school year! Our High School is looking for those who would be willing to be substitute teachers for the ‘23-’24 school year.

All of our faculty have a testimony of deep faith in Christ, demonstrated talent in the teaching profession and a strong desire to serve this generation of young people in a setting of peace, safety, wholeness and hope.

This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our dynamic vision for Christian Education in the tri-state region, where a river of graduates are pursuing true success and walking out their faith in the real world.

At Veritas we deliver genuine spiritual formation, strong leadership training, award-winning extra-curriculars and rigorous worldview academics, where we immerse every subject area in the timeless Truth, values and virtues of the Word and Spirit of God. We are committed to training our students to stand strong, alone if necessary, for the Gospel and the Kingdom of God in a complex and chaotic world.

Apply here to become a part of the incredible team that God is assembling at Veritas!

Please email for more information.

Teacher requirements include:

  1. Evidence a vital personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Demonstrate experience in teaching the Bible to young people.
  3. Be a member in good standing of a Bible-believing local church.
  4. Believe, live and teach that the 66 books of the Holy Bible are God's word, and are inspired by Him, without error, true, reliable and authoritative.
  5. Hold to a centrally orthodox interpretation of the Bible, approaching it from a historically evangelical literary, theological and cultural framework.
  6. Have a deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible, lived out through practical experience.
  7. Hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in subject area.
  8. Hold or be eligible for attaining an ACSI teaching certification.
  9. Communicate well in all mediums.
  10. Evidence mastery of relevant personal and educational technology.
  11. Collaborate well with others and resolve conflict Biblically.
  12. Evidence a character that is beyond reproach.
  13. Be willing to agree, without reservation, to the Veritas Statement of Faith, Community Covenant and Lifestyle Statement.
  14. Be willing to teach face to face, on-site.
  15. Be able to inspire young people who come from various backgrounds and perspectives toward loving and following Jesus Christ.
  16. Demonstrate mastery in motivating and helping students pursue intellectual as well as spiritual growth.

Candidates desiring to be considered for this fulfilling and challenging position should email their resume, three professional references and three personal references to Donna Bentson.

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