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Coding: Coding is a course that introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. This semester-long course takes a deeper focus on concepts such as how the internet works and the societal impacts of computer science, the ethical use of the internet, how to build webpages, and other introductory lessons. Grade 9 – 12 (Credits 2)

Thinking through Technology: (Elective) This is the second level core technology course that will introduce students to innovative problem solving. Students will explore analytical thinking and learn skills such as basic computer aided drafting and mechanical drawing.  Students will be able to reflect on and apply their Christian Worldview to their everyday interaction with technology. There will be in class labs and take-home projects. Grades 10-12 (Credits 2)

Robotics: This is a semester course that teaches students the fundamentals of building. The course is designed to teach students the theory of operation, disassemble and reassemble the vertical arm, horizontal arm, horizontal arm drive unit, drive shafts, spring assembly, and motors. Additionally, how and when to PM the robot, fluid control, process arm components, and troubleshooting. Grades 9-12 (Credits 2)