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You know that a private Christian high school can uniquely prepare your child for more than just college.       
It will also prepare their hearts and minds and ground them in a Biblical foundation that will increase their       
spiritual growth for years to come. How can Veritas make a difference in your student’s life?

  • Our program is founded in a Biblical worldview that continuously builds on its foundation and       
    fundamentals as students move through each grade.       
  • Veritas students experience a rigorous academic program that includes dual enrollment courses       
    which sees our students graduate on average with 10+ college credits.       
  • Enrichment opportunities give students the chance to grow in the arts, theater, speech and more.       
    Competitive athletic teams encourage students to practice sportsmanship, teamwork, self-       
    discipline and challenge them as we often compete with schools of greater size.       
  • A low student-to-teacher ensures our faculty and staff know every student and how to best meet       
    their needs.       
  • From Lion Camp to our annual spring musical, opportunities abound to create a sense of       
    community among the students and their families.

Affording a private education can be intimidating, but at Veritas we want to make Christian education       
available to all who desire it. Our Flex Tuition program makes every effort to increase accessibility, which       
is made possible through generous donors, fundraisers, and scholarship programs.

Flex Tuition is a way for us to help as many families as possible in northwest New Jersey and surrounding       
areas afford Veritas Christian Academy. Our goal with this process is to provide a clear and transparent       
process for determining financial aid for each family who pursues it.

After completing the Flex Tuition application process, we’ll be able to provide your family’s specific tuition costs. Nearly 40% of current families enjoy some financial aid and over the course of our 15 years of existence over $2 million have been raised to support tuition costs for families in need.  

You may be surprised to find out that a Veritas Christian Academy education is more affordable than you think. Start your Flex Tuition application today.  

FLEX TUITION RATES: $7,000-$13,850  

Possible Scholarships


Multi-Child Discount


Opportunity fund Scholarship (up to 50%)

$2,000 - $6,725

Ministry Leader Discount


NCS/SCS 1st Year Tuition Match