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Physical Education (9-12): Students will have opportunities to engage in learning activities designed to provide attainment of the physical education standards. The Students are provided a core of learning experiences designed to develop proficiency in lifetime sports and activities. Students are also provided opportunities to demonstrate their skill and knowledge in designing and following a fitness plan. This plan will help them achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical- fitness. Grades 9-12 (Credits 3.75 per year)

Physical Health - Year 1 (9/10): This course will introduce the basics of nutrition including a study of dietary building blocks, balanced diet, basal metabolism, healthy eating habits and eating disorders.  The course will also explore the principles of exercise, which will include defining fitness, principles of exercise, and the impact of fatigue and sleep.  Each student will design a personal exercise program incorporating the concepts of intensity, duration, frequency, maintenance, motivation and warm-up/cool-down principles. Grades 9-10 (Credits .25)

Mental Health - Year 2 (9/10): This course examines the foundations of mental health in adolescents and adults. Topics covered include Stress and Anxiety, Life Management, and how we are made in the image of God. Students will acknowledge that health is not only physical, but also mental: how one thinks. God in His wisdom created man in his image, set apart from all other forms of creation. Humanity has a unique gift of being able to think, question, discuss, and debate. Good mental health begins with a healthy body but encompasses the aspects of humanity that are uniquely connected to God. Grades 9-10 (Credits .25)

Social and Family Health - Year 3 (11/12): This course will investigate handling our appearance as a social responsibility, principles of risk management and social responsibility, and the maturation process being physical, mental and spiritual.  The course will also explore changing relationships with an emphasis on friendships becoming relationships, marriage, family and aging. Grades 11-12 (Credits .25)

Spiritual Health - Year 4 (11/12): Students will reflect on their spiritual health and determine if they have an active personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Spiritual Health allows students to reflect on their spiritual health and determine if they have an active personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Students will understand the long-term goals of spiritual health and a relationship with our Creator, how to remain active in the Christian faith, and how to lead others into the Kingdom. The culmination of the course will be a Junior/Senior Project where students apply principles of spiritual leadership in their communities, to be the hands and feet of Christ to their neighbors in a tangible way appropriate for teens, and to demonstrate spiritual maturity to others in behavior, demeanor, and responsibility. Grades 11-12 (Credits .25)