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World History

This 9th Grade class will take the students on a quick journey through history that encompasses the world. With Creation as our starting point we will explore the rise of important world civilizations and cultures as well as history defining time periods. The final part of the student's journey will be through the twentieth century as they explore the many conflicts and events that have so closely shaped our world today.

US History 1

This 10th Grade class will take an in-depth look at the founding of the United States and follow its development from its infancy following the Revolutionary War through its greatest test, the Civil War. The class will conclude as the students discuss Reconstruction and the dawning of a new era with a look forward towards the twentieth century.

US History 2

This 11th Grade class will pick up where US History I left off and explore the United States' history as it enters the twentieth century and its eventually rise to the status of a world power. This class will touch on my topics that have a profound on how we live our lives as Americans today. This class will also include a thoughtful look at the legal and political systems of the United States and the student's role as citizens of this country.


With important historical topics and events as our base, students will be developing skills in research, presentation, and communication that they will take with them into the world beyond high school. This course will also give students an overview of world geography that will leave the students equipped with a framework of geographical awareness to help them understand events going on in the local and international news.

Western Civilization 1

This senior level course is a survey and critical examination of Western human history and explores the social, political, religious, intellectual, and artistic achievements from the earliest human civilizations to the Age of Reason [Arts/Humanities]; critically analyze and evaluate competing points of view and voices in ancient and medieval Western history [Critical Thinking], describe the rise of the major monotheistic religions present in Western Civilization, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from a biblical perspective [Worldview]. Students will be prepared to take the CLEP exam at the end of this course offering college credit with a passing score.

AP US History

AP U.S. History is a college level survey course following the development of American history from the Pre-Columbian period to the present. Solid reading and writing skills are necessary as an emphasis is placed on critical and evaluative thinking skills in the form of writing and interpretation of sources. Through this course, students will be provided with practical knowledge of U.S History, practice in critical thinking activities and experience in effective writing techniques that will better prepare them not only for the APĀ® Exam, but also for their future academic endeavors.

Military History

This elective course is a topical look at military history. Far from glorifying war this course takes a realistic view of war and challenges students to think biblically and critically as they examine different conflicts throughout history.

Contemporary History

This elective course will explore the personalities, trends, events, and movements that have shaped our world. Through research and presentation we will examine the past in light of our current political system