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Old Testament/New Testament Survey

A quick journey over the whole story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation so the students can learn the "bigger picture" of God's purposes in time and how our personal lives intersect with it. This is done in contrast to a postmodern society that doesn't believe we connect our purpose and meaning to any meta-narrative (overarching) story that comes from God where man and time are going in a direction intentionally.

How Now Shall We Live

To help the student understand that behind every idea that's ever been presented or considered by anyone, there's always been a "faith", a religion, a philosophy, a worldview behind it. Every worldview inevitably presents a theory and answer to three very important questions: first, "Where did we come from?" second, "What went wrong?" and third, "How do we fix it?" In short, the student will be exposed to the power of ideas and why people do what they do.

Understanding the Times 1 & 2

In this class the student studies Christianity, Islam, Secular Humanism, Marxism, Cosmic Humanism, and Postmodernism and how each of them interacts with: Philosophy, Theology, Ethic, Politics, Sociology, Biology, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, and History. The social issues covered involve: law, euthanasia, abortion, homosexuality, feminism, creationism vs. evolution, environmentalism, etc.