You can view photos, roles and emails of all our faculty below. Faculty are listed alphabetically.

Photo Name Title Email
Photo for Argersinger, Thomas Argersinger, Thomas Head Administrator Email
Photo for Asbury, Karmen Asbury, Karmen English Teacher Email
Photo for Bartek, Carolyn Bartek, Carolyn Science Teacher Email
Photo for Bartlett, Sara Bartlett, Sara Drama Director Email
Photo for Bentson, Donna Bentson, Donna Curriculum, Accreditation and Guidance Email
Photo for Blair, Kaitlyn Blair, Kaitlyn Physical Education/Art Email
Photo for Dorrity, Janeen Dorrity, Janeen Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Email
  Fitzberald, Yolande Science Email
  Flemm, Matthew Email
Photo for Fucci, Deborah Fucci, Deborah School Counselor/ Director of Student Services Email
Photo for Marine, Tara Marine, Tara Bible Teacher Email
Photo for Mulder, Courtney Mulder, Courtney Special Education Email
Photo for Shultz, Christine Shultz, Christine Math Instructor Email
Photo for Sierra-Velazquez, Imelda Sierra-Velazquez, Imelda Spanish Teacher Email
Photo for Simmons, Justin Simmons, Justin History Teacher Email