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While Veritas is focused on helping its students become leaders for God's Kingdom today, we are very much looking at how we can continue to grow our ministry in the future. The Veritas 2.0 strategic vision lays down a foundation for Veritas to extend its reach, impact and involvement within our existing community while exploring new ones. Laid out by our head administrator, Tom Argersinger, in the a video series below you'll find the culmination of that plan as shared at the 2021 VCA Banquet as well as the multi-part video series tackling specific aspects of the plan. These videos should give you a look at how Veritas is poised to continue our mission of building leaders for God's Kingdom.


Veritas 2.0 Vision at the 2021 VCA Annual Banquet

Video 1 - Introducing Veritas 2.0


Video 2 - A Rigorous Biblical Worldview Academic Program


Video 3 - The Veritas Corps


Video 4 - A Regional Destination for a Diverse Student Body


Video 5 - Special Services Department


Video 6 - The 21st Model Classroom Initiative

Video 7 - Christian Education as an Impact Investment