"Veritas taught me the importance of Christian education. When attending a Christian school you are surrounded by Christian friends and teachers. I continued my Christian education through college and I am very thankful I did. Being surrounded by a community of believers gives you the knowledge and support to step into the world as a effective disciple for Christ"

- Chelsea Westra, Class of 2011

"My favorite moments at Veritas were being so close with the staff and teachers. As I look back, it was such a treasure to have gotten to know them on a personal level and this has made a significant impact on my life."

- Clare Elizabeth Fragomeni, Class of 2012

"Something I gained from my time at Veritas, is being able to have a friendship with some of the teachers and coaches after high school."

- Racheal Kuperus, Class of 2014

"Veritas Christian Academy transforms the lives of its students. Whether it be in the classroom, on the court, or on stage, the staff at Veritas continually strives to instill within us a Christian Character and a biblically based worldview. Without my family, church, or Veritas, I would never have known the immense love of God or what it means to truly live my life for Christ alone."

- Elisabeth O'Brien, Class of 2012

"Our experience with Veritas has been a wonderful one. As a transfer student, my son was welcomed with open arms and felt comfortable from his first day. Whether a student excels in academics, music, art or athletics, they have learned to use their talents to glorify God. I am confident that my son is prepared to excel in college."

- Patti Gallagher, Parent

"At Veritas, more kids are involved in more things. It is great to see almost every single student represent Veritas on the field, on the stage, and in the community - and often all three. What my children have loved most about Veritas has been the encouragement and acceptance they receive from the upperclassmen. This is what truly separates Veritas from the other schools; freshmen are not ostracized, they are built up and encouraged to participate."

- Denise Sorenson, Parent