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Foundations of Art 1

Foundations of Art 1 acclimates students to Art in general, submerging them into a creative mindset, and giving them the knowledge that will be necessary to complete and critique all projects given in this introductory class and future art courses. Through ongoing assignments, each student will have the opportunity to experiment with many materials (2D and 3D), mediums (paint, mixed media, clay...etc.), and various artistic techniques. Each student will explore his/her gift of creativity and art as an avenue of expression, while learning the basics for creating and analyzing artwork.

Foundations of Art 2

Foundations of Art 2 further introduces students to the materials, techniques, concepts and processes essential to understanding the visual arts through a series of projects, class critiques, discussions, and art viewings. The primary goals of this course are to master the development of one's own visual language, deepen his/her artistic understanding, and further develop artistic skill.

Senior Art

Seniors will develop a thesis and create individual artwork that encompasses that theme. Class will culminate in an end-of-year Art Show planned by the Senior Art students. This course will mainly consist of independent work and one-on-one guidance with the instructor, as well as group critiques to help students refine and enhance their work.