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Freshmen Seminar

seeks to prepare students for their high school career by teaching them skills for studying, time management, technology usage and personal devotions. Students will be introduced to the concepts of learning styles and intelligences so they can personalize their approach to studying in a way that maximizes their strengths and improves their areas of weakness. A biblical work ethic and approach to technology and classes will be emphasized.

Leadership 100

This is an introductory course on the study of leadership. We will explore the topic from a Biblical worldview including the establishment of a clear definition of servant leadership. The course will culminate in an action project at the end of the semester where the students will serve others who are in need.

Introduction to Informal Logic

teaches students how to think critically and identify the fallacies that are often used in unbiblical methods of persuasion. The goal of the class is to equip students with good reasoning skills and the ability to identify the premises and conclusions in any argument, so that they can assess the arguments they encounter and appreciate the Biblical arguments presented throughout Scripture.

Introduction to Formal Logic

teaches students to standardize and evaluate deductive arguments. Students learn how to use the language of logic, with its statements, truth values, logical operators, Metamolecule argument forms, and methods for determining validity and cogency. Here, the goal is to understand that, as in all of creation, God has provided us with patterns that all good arguments follow. If we understand that, then bad arguments become easier to recognize and reject.

Introduction to Speech

That the student might grow in their identity and who they are in Christ and thus overcome any fears they might have in public speaking and gain more confidence in themselves as a person as they learn new mechanical skills used in public speaking.


In this class, the student is exposed to a few of the most popular secular models of counseling that exist within our society and the men who introduced them based on their world and life view. In the last third of the class the student is introduced to a distinctly Christian model for counseling that's practical for ministering to ones friend as well as one's own sanctification and spiritual growth as well.

Small Engine Repair

This course offers a study of the operation, maintenance, and repair of small gasoline engines. Instructional topics include principles of operation of gasoline engines, tune-up and maintenance procedures, and disassembly, overhaul, and reassembly. Instruction may also include the operation of two-cycle and four-cycle engines commonly found on lawn mowers, garden tractors, snow blowers, rotary tillers, chainsaws, and other equipment.