Part Time Student Tuition

We sometimes have homeschoolers and other students who wish to take a couple of classes with us. They are charged by course. Since we run a block schedule, there are four blocks in a day. Fourth block has the same classes all year which are, depending on the day, band/choir, physical education or Bible. All other classes are taken during the first three blocks and are one semester in length with the exception of 9th grade math and Spanish which are year-long classes and alternate days.

Typical classes offered for each type would be:

  • 5 block: Science, Technology, History, English, Spanish, Art
  • 3 block: Life Applications, Bible, Speech, Art, Creative Writing, Psychology
  • 2 block: Physical Education, Art
  • 1 block: Band, Choir, Art

Please contact the school office for answers to all your Christian education questions and let us help you take the next step.